100th day writing activities for kindergarten

Saturday, January 30, th Day of School Fun Activities We just celebrated our th day of school in kindergarten! We had so many fun things to do, we are going to extend it to an extra day! One thing, to be honest, I was slightly dreading the start of the day. I envisioned their growing excitement to explode as they busted into the room from our morning Flag Salute out front, so

100th day writing activities for kindergarten

We are not celebrating the th day for several weeks but I wanted to put some pics up from last year. This is a sign I made that was hanging in our doorway.

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I did this super quick on my smartboard. I designed a sign that I will display for them when they walk in. You will have to read further. I have always done the th day snack. Each child is assigned what to bring so we don't wind up with 10 bags of pretzels.

This way there is a variety that they can choose from. Then we do all kinds of math activities after we sort our snacks. My ultimate favorite creation!

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Since I taught kindergarten I have had the students come to school wearing something with on it. I can't wait to see what this class comes up with!

I am planning on wearing one of my many Sheldon striped shirts underneath since it's F. G here in Chicago! I do highly recommend the following products that I personally will be using this year. The first unit is from Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle!

This unit is from 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray! Now for a fun little th day freebie! I will be displaying the sign above on my smartboard when they arrive at school! This is the certificate they will each get. I did not make one in color Yeah, I thought so.

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Do the ink police work in your office too??? I might whip up a sheet to put an actual photo on And this will be displayed in our classroom so I make sure and hit that erhwoeirfjewofhal indicator.

These are the cutie patootie Rockhopper headbands we made last year. I used the last of the yellow feathers I had.

100th day writing activities for kindergarten

I used to pull apart yellow boas or yellow feather dusters. Do you think I have enough penguin stuffed animals? Because I know will get questions here are the steps When we make these this year it will be on penguin day.Jan 26,  · Today was our th day of school and boy was it a busy one!

We were non-stop working on all of our fun th day activities! Whew I am one tired girl but it's always tons of fun!Author: Mrs.

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Lee's Kindergarten. FREE worksheets for th day of school for kindergarten and preschool, featuring chart with missing numbers, snack sorting, tracing, writing and drawing prompts. th Day of School Writing Activities. Fun th day activities - what I can do in seconds, what I can build with legos, and a th day snack.

th Day of School Activities Kindergarten, First and Second Grade. Preșcolari. th Day of school activities . This resource is perfect for the th day. My kiddos are so excited for the th day and we will be doing many many activities, including writing.

We spread th day out over a couple of weeks leading up to th day.

100th day writing activities for kindergarten

We try to read books, we make hats writing out numbers (some students write many times, others try to write lots of different numbers from the hundreds chart. This lesson guides students in writing descriptions of th day bottles they create at home.

They will write clues about their bottles for a guessing game, practice descriptive writing, and create a class book.

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