Cambridge igcse computer studies coursework

History gcse coursework Igcse computer studies coursework For the IGCSE Computer Studies coursework project you need to complete a project based on the process steps of 'analyse', 'design', 'implement', 'test' and 'evaluate' to create a solution to a problem.

Cambridge igcse computer studies coursework

Cambridge igcse computer studies coursework

Internal means, that the School and teacher involved will do the marking of this coursework! The school will have to send 10 samples of the coursework to Cambridge, where they will be rechecked moderated and marked again. If they think the marking done was not adequate, they will adjust the all!

Therefore it is extremely important to follow these coursework guidelines extremely well! We will use this guideline for all in between and final grading! We strongly advise you to copy the headers from the first page into your documentation.

This is the best way not to forget an important part. Realise as well, that the coursework only! Unfortunately we are not allowed to send floppy disks with your program on it to Cambridge. This means, that you will have to spend a lot of your time doing wordprocessing, describing and explaining what you have been doing and what the results are.

Igcse Computer Studies Coursework Help

That also means that a good documentation is as important as a good program! In fact, you will maybe even spend more time doing the documentation as you worked on the program e. So therefore, be sure to know how the things in your computer lab work.

You should be familiar with in doubt? Ask the teacher or another student: Some Software you could use for your coursework: AuthorWare or Macromind Media Director are some good examples.

CIE IGCSE Computer Studies Coursework Guidance Sample

Creating a sophisticated multimedia Presentation Check out before you make your decision if the software is available in the Lab.

Maybe the teacher needs to install some features that are not standard in the lab. Also think about the software you can use at home.

If the systems at school and at home are not the same e. If you write your own CD-RW disk, make sure you finish close the session, otherwise you can only see the contents of the disk on your own computer. Install at home a screen-capture utility as well, so you can make screen-copies of work done at home as well.

You can do major parts of the work at home, but make sure that you bring the work to school on a regular base.

Some students prefer to do the documentation at home, some prefer to work more at school. Ask friends and other students you know, what they did for their coursework and how much time was involved! Most of them will tell you they totally underestimated the time needed.

Normal lessons times are 2 hours theory and one hour practical a week. The total amount of practical hours in year one would then be: Just a few days in a row, ever wondered how fast a week holiday is over?? Your second year is even shorter some 23 practical hours only!The Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies syllabus enables candidates to develop an interest in computing have to satisfy Cambridge requirements concerning marking and internal moderation of coursework.

Cambridge offers schools in-service training opportunities and Coursework Training Handbooks for teachers. The Cambridge program for Board Examination Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Arts Cambridge IGCSE exams, ICE Diploma Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Technical Cambridge Checkpoint tests (optional) English, Mathematics, Science, IT Computer Studies () or other elective Note: IGCSE .

2 Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies Examination in June and November 1. Introduction Why choose Cambridge? University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international. v1 2Y04 Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies () 2 Syllabus ref Learning objectives Suggested teaching activities Learning resources undertaken on the coursework project.

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science provides in-depth resources that cover recent developments in computer science. Offering support on theoretical and practical aspects of the Cambridge International Examinations Computer Science () syllabus, the books in the Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science suite are written by experienced computer science trainers.

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies Revision Guide is designed to help students prepare for the examination. The book instills confidence and a thorough understanding of the topics learned by the students as they revise for an examination in Computer Studies.

Cambridge igcse computer studies coursework
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