Community and nation essays on southeast asia and the chinese

Demographics[ edit ] Thailand has the largest overseas Chinese community in the world outside of China and Taiwan. When the then prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who is a Thai Chinese was ousted from power init was Mr.

Community and nation essays on southeast asia and the chinese

Included in it are two dissimilar components: The two Asian giants, India and China have been indirectly in conflict with each other in this intermediate zone for thousands of years, and many of these lands and their cultures exhibit the cultural impacts of these two large neighbors.

Added to these influences was Islamic penetration. Combining commerce with a fierce determination to spread their faith, Muslim traders from Arabia carried Islam as far east as the Philippines from the 13th to the early 16th centuries.

Superimposed on the Indo-Chinese imprints and the Islamic incursions was the commercializing influence of the West. This was also the region of greatest colonial impact in Asia. Its gross area, that of lands and seas put together, roughly equals that of the United States.

Thus, Indonesia alone extends over a greater longitude than the contiguous states of the United States.

The Philippines, on the other hand, have a north-south extent of 1, miles 1, km. Physically, Southeast Asia is one of the most complex regions. On the mainland, the basic pattern is that of a series of mostly north-south-oriented mountains separated by a number of major river valleys and interrupted at places by several old plateaus that have been folded, faulted and dissected over a period of time but now form generally low platforms or massifs.

The mountain ranges fan out southward from the southeastern corner of the Tibetan Plateau resembling the spokes of a wheel where the interstices are deep tentacles carved by rivers. Between the alternating highlands and the plateaus are the river valleys and the lowlands, covered generally with alluvial sediments of the rivers.

Community and nation essays on southeast asia and the chinese

From the west to the east the major river basins are: The peninsula is primarily a region of north-south trending mountains of altitudes between 5, to 7, feet, and narrow coastal plains. Characteristically, the various islands Java, Sumatra, Bali have highland cores, short rivers and narrow coastal plains, and were formed where the Eurasian plate overrides the Indo-Australian plate.

Temperatures generally remain fairly constant near sea level throughout the year, varying somewhat with increasing latitude and altitude.

Higher altitudes act to decrease average temperatures.

Southernization Essay According to Lynda Shaffer’s article, “Southernization”, southernization is “a new [term] for many people. It is used here to refer to a multifaceted process that began in Southern Asia and spread from there to various other places around the globe.”. Community and nation: Essays on Southeast Asia and the Chinese. Wang Gungwu. A collection of essays, selected by Anthony Reid, spanning twenty year of Professor Wang Gungwu's writings on his specialist subject, the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

The incidence of rainfall is affected by two seasonal wind systems: The southwest air stream passes over the warmer sea from May to September and gradually warms up and picks up moisture.

The eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia, the Philippines, and parts of Indonesia receive the highest moisture during this period.

Most of mainland receives its rainfall in this period. Rainfall, in general, is more pronounced over much of southern Malay Peninsula and insular Southeast Asia and there are no particular dry seasons. Like the equatorial types, there is a wide variety of species, of which teak is one of the more valued commercial tree found in parts of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia.

Additionally, mangroves occur along the coast where salt is deposited. Southeast Asia is a plural world.

Community and nation essays on southeast asia and the chinese

Each state has areas of hill and lowland cultures. Historically, Southeast Asia has been a giant funnel into which peoples from the north and west have migrated.

Successive movements displaced the initial settlers and created a complex ethnic pattern. The contacts with the region were not entirely through land, however, but also through sea routes. Chinese, Indians, Europeans, and the United States, came over the sea routes.A Eurasian is a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry.

The term was originally coined in 19th-century British India to identify a person born to (usually) a British father and an Indian mother. These mixed offspring were later called addition to British many were also of mixed Portuguese, Dutch, Irish or, more rarely, French descent..

The term has now been extended to. Separatist and Secessionist Movements in Southeast Asia Essay Q3) Separatist and secessionist movements have been a common and persistent feature in post-colonial Southeast Asia. Using specific examples provide an argument as to .

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Get this from a library! Community and nation: essays on Southeast Asia and the Chinese. [Gungwu Wang; Anthony Reid; Asian Studies Association of Australia.].

An ‘Age of Commerce’ in Southeast Asian History. Anthony Reid (a1) Community and Nation: Essays on Southeast Asia and the Chinese.

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