Conflict in the niger delta essay

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Conflict in the niger delta essay

After the message I gave in Rijau Niger state and presently am in Kontagora the message was delivered to the President through a reliable source. I stand by the existing code that all Muslims must rise and defend ourselves from all Infidels and all Muslim uniformed men must stand and defend Muslims at all cost for every one should know the road to his or her fathers home.

We have sent our message to the President and I was assured he got it. He is with us and believes in our cause. Every Muslim in Nigeria must be ready. We will never allow any infidel to come to power again.

We want our Muslim soldiers in the barracks to be on their guard and never allow these infidels to intmidate us again.

This man is playing with fire. Such threatening words in a multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic nation and plural society like ours where over million Christians live and reside?

Such madness is rarely seen. I am constrained to ask, who is this uncircumcised Phillistine that has chosen to defy the armies of the Living God?

Conflict in the Niger Delta | Essay Example

Who is this reprobate unbeliever that seeks to challenge Christendom and to dare and denigrate the Christian faithful?

Who is this son of perdition that mocks our God and that seeks to demean the sons and daughters of light? Who is this blood-lusting barbarian who Conflict in the niger delta essay to unleash the dogs of war on our nation?

Who is this ranking pagan who loves the shedding of innocent blood and who brings nothing but threats, division, bloodshed, conflict, strife, violence and destruction?

The truth is that this Abubakar Shekau in the making, this demon in human flesh and this servant of satan should have been arrested long ago for his dangerous and provocative words and his reckless disposition, both of which are capable of setting Nigeria on fire.

And neither is he a real Muslim or truly representative of the majority of Muslims in our country. His utterances are unacceptable and the fact that, rather than caution him, the Buhari administration has instead encouraged, pampered, protected and supported him speaks volumes and gives cause for concern.

Those that welcome such sentiments, that encourage such words, that are stoking this dangerous fire and that are fanning the embers of sectarian strife, religious bigotry and hateful intolerance would do well to recognise the fact that no-one and no group of people will come out as the winner in a religious war in this country.

Conflict in the niger delta essay

Worst still if such a conflagration were ever to be ignited we would all, both Christians and Muslims, suffer the heinous, horrific and unimaginable consequences, we would all witness the wholesale slaughter of millions of our compatriots and we would all watch our nation burn to ashes around us.

One wonders just how far this man is prepared to go to please his Fulani masters. Surely even misplaced loyalty and what can only be described as the madness of blind fanaticism and the bedlam of quisling servility has its limits.

If there was ever a need to provide any evidence to prove that Dr. The truth is that Nigeria is as much of a paradise for southerners and Christians as hell is for damned and lost souls. I am constrained to ask the question: Given what he has said, I really do have cause to question his sanity.

I am convinced that he needs help. First he said Nigeria cannot be restructured and that those leaders that have called for restructuring were just looking for government appointments.

Then he said that we must forgive the Fulani terrorists that have been slaughtering and maiming thousands of innocent and defenceless Christians in the Middle Belt and the south over the last three years.

Finally he said that we must not attempt to defend our loved ones, our families, our homes, our farms and our land when the Fulani attack and that instead we must allow them to do as they plesse and pray for them. How does the Vice President explain this glaring double-standard?

When a northern Muslim Fulani terrorist slaughters innocent and defenceless men, women and children he is supported by the state, given free reign, forgiven and prayed for. Yet when a southern Christian Igbo dissenter voices his support for the right of self-determination and does so in a passive, peaceful, lawful and legitimate manner without physically attacking or killing anyone or carrying arms he is labelled as a terrorist and slaughtered in his home and in the streets by our security forces.

Simply put, he turns my stomach. The truth is that he betrayed the south and Christendom long ago by standing shoulder to shoulder with a man and a people whose hatred and sheer contempt for southerners and Christians can hardly be disputed and can barely be hidden.

Worst still, Osinbajo makes no apology for his servile and cowardly disposition, he is totally unashamed and unrepentant of it and he can never be redeemed. They say destiny speaks at the end. For him I have the following questions.

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Firstly, what profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul?The Niger Delta region encompasses about 8% of Nigeria's landmass and is the largest wetlands region on the African continent.

Oil drilling in the region began in the s. In the beginning, the oil drilling in the region really stimulated Nigeria's economy and was extremely beneficial to the country. The following study “Securing Development and Peace in the Niger Delta: A Social and Conflict Analysis of Change”, deeply.

analyzed the conflict of the Niger Delta, and come up with a conflict resolution and peace building through different. strategies.

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Niger delta conflict analysis essay.

Conflict in the niger delta essay

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The Niger Delta region usually refers to the nine oil producing states in Nigeria which are Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo and Rivers States.

The region contains the world’s third largest wetland, with the most extensive freshwater swamp forest and rich biological diversity.

Niger delta conflict analysis essay