Course outline strategic management

Description Outcome Certification View course modules The course Diploma in Strategic Management introduces you to the concept of how top management can use strategic practices and procedures to achieve major goals and initiatives within an organisation. You will learn the difference between operating decisions and strategic decisions and what a strategic management decision process involves.

Course outline strategic management

These processes include activities such as supplier selection, supplier relationship management, pricing and terms negotiation, supplier performance management and other strategic issues. This course provides you with a capstone experience, which will give you the opportunity to integrate, critically reflect on and consolidate what you have learnt in your program.

These may be supported by relevant case studies.

Course outline strategic management

Assessed assignment tasks also form part of your learning experience. In this course you will be encouraged to be an active learner. Your learning will be supported through various in-class and online activities comprising individual and group work.

These may include quizzes; assignments; prescribed readings; sourcing, researching and analysing specific information; solving problems; conducting presentations; producing written work and collaborating with peers on set tasks or projects. In addition to topic notes; assessment details and a study schedule you may also be provided with links to relevant online information; readings; audio and video clips and communication tools to facilitate collaboration with your peers and to share information.

Overview of Assessment The assessment alignment list below shows the assessment tasks against the learning outcomes they develop.This course addresses the strategic management of organisations, including the formulation of longer term strategic directions, the planning of objectives and supporting strategies, and the control of strategic implementation.

Marketing Management-1 Course Outline Course Objective The course will provide with a systematic framework for understanding marketing management and strategy. The course is intended for: management. Strategic Planning carried out at different level of the organization.

Course outline strategic management

Welcome to the new semester and your course MAN Strategic Management. Here is the course outline: mancourse-outline. And the PowerPoint slides. Strategic Management Outline of text book chapters “This capstone course develops an overall management viewpoint and integrates various specialized functions such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management Information Systems, and Human Resource.

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This course provides concepts, theories, skills and processes related to strategic procurement management that an organisation requires in order to procure goods and services. These processes include activities such as supplier selection, supplier relationship management, pricing and terms negotiation, supplier performance management and other.

Course Outline: Asset Management & Strategic Planning The anticipated schedule for covering the course material is as follows: Week 1 Asset Management & Strategic Planning Overview An overview of the course topics will be highlighted.

Week 2 The Asset Manager’s Role.

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