History if enchanted kingdom philippines

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History if enchanted kingdom philippines

Foundation[ edit ] The theme park was founded by Mario and Cynthia Mamon. Their family frequently visited local theme parks such as Boom na Boom, Big Bang sa Alabang, and Fiesta Carnival, all of which inspired the couple to open a theme park of their own.

Realizing the group can help them enter the amusement park industry, they joined the association in following the their first trade show attendance in DallasTexas. Construction on the park began on August on a property covering 10 hectares 25 acres. Construction was rushed to surpass other potential competitors seeking to establish their own amusement park in the Philippines, and the park opened in October 19, Business grew and was later registered the highest daytime visit to an amusement part in Region IV Calabarzon and Mimaropa regions from the Department of Tourism.

The concept was not chosen since the Mamons preferred a fantasy-oriented design. Mario Mamon stated that if the initial design was used instead, it would result in visitors seeing what they see "outside in their normal lives" which he remarks would "sort of break the magic".

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Victoria Park, which includes the main entrance, is patterned after the Victorian era. Boulderville is a small ride area for children which is similar to the fictional town of Bedrock from The Flintstones.

History if enchanted kingdom philippines

Midway Boardwalk is based on s Coney Island and features the most rides. Spaceport is dedicated to the Space Age. Brooklyn Place is based on s New York and the silent film era. Space Shuttle roller coaster and Agila: The EKsperiencea flight motion simulator ride scheduled to open in December Visitors[ edit ] Enchanted Kingdom experienced financial difficulties in, and but sincethe park has received a steady increase in regards to its number of visitors.

According to company owner, Mario Mamon, the attractions and shows are produced with educational and Filipino values in mind and not solely for entertainment and amusement purposes.Meet the man behind Enchanted Kingdom 2.

Then and there, the concept of Enchanted Kingdom was born, and the rest is—a magical—history. Wizard of wisdom The timing is right in terms of economic development with the Philippines at the forefront next to China.”. Marinduque is an island province at the geographical center of the Philippines touted as an accessible and affordable alternative to timberdesignmag.com yourself embracing nature’s innate beauty and basking in the island’s rich and colorful history and cultural heritage without the hassle of distance and cost.

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From its meandering coastlines dotted with cream-colored to white sand beaches and protected marine parks and stunning geological formations, secluded waterfalls, centuries-old churches, Pangasinan challenges the traveler to get off the beaten path and explore its many treasures.

Enchanted Kingdom Location: San Lorenzo South Village, Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines about 26 kilometers ( miles) from Manila. It has a land area of 17 hectares (41 acres).

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Enchanted Kingdom, often abbreviated EK, is a theme park in the Philippines.

History if enchanted kingdom philippines

It is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It has a land area of 25 hectares. The park.

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