India the land of pilgrimage essay

It is situated in Asia. Russia, China and America never will be friends; india the land of pilgrimage essay at best they will be peaceful competitors rather than warlike adversaries. India is a land of many customs and traditions. See the pope and St.

India the land of pilgrimage essay

Download PDF Abstract This paper attempts to probe the scope of tourism in India, which can help in shaping our society. Tourism is considered as one sector that shall propel growth, contribute foreign exchange, enhance employability and result in community development.


The most important dimension of tourism is the cultural exchange among various nationalities that visit the country and the cross cultural interface that shall pave way for universal peace and harmony. As on one hand tourism is seen as an economic option and on the other side the greater social and human effect There is vast scope tourism in India.

The government should encourage private enterprises to promote tourism in in various less popular areas. For developing tourism in such areas, we need to understand the environment, demography, socioculture, economic and political background of any place for making it an attractive tourist spot.

Tourism is travel for recreational or leisure purposes. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited".

Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Inthere were over million international tourist arrivals, with a growth of 6.

International tourist receipts were USD billion in India is one of the most preferred destinations for both overseas and domestic travelers. Tourism enables the international traveler to understand and experience India's cultural diversity first hand. According to official estimates the Indian tourism industry has out performed the global tourism industry in terms of growth in the volume of foreign tourists as well as in terms of revenue.

The UN also derived different categories of Tourism by combining the three Basic forms of tourism: Though it must be said that infrastructure is still a constraint.

To sustain the current growth the government should invest in infrastructure like transport, accommodation, better roads, health and hygiene etc.

To propel growth the industry has invested in new technology like CRM tools and state of the art security systems. The scope of travel and tourism is truly immense: An increased synergy among ministries for the benefit of tourism and simplification of the tax structure needs to be looked into.

India has been able to leverage on certain advantages it has over other countries like highly skilled doctors, cost effective treatment, improved quality of private healthcare etc.

Some of the common treatments for which overseas patients to come to India are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care.

India's traditional rejuvenation therapy like yoga and ayurvedic therapy are also becoming popular. There are a number of health farms and nature spas in India that attract a number of foreigners looking for help in bringing about lifestyle changes and detoxification of the body.

Road shows are organized at regular intervals to promote India as a Medical Tourism destination. It involves visiting natural areas without disturbing the fragile ecosystem.

Eco tourism generates wealth for the local people, who in turn take measures to conserve and protect the environment and natural resources.

India the land of pilgrimage essay

India with its natural diversity is one of the pristine places in the world for eco tourism. India has some of the best wildlife reserves in the world, rich in flora and fauna. Ecotourism is more than a catch phrase for nature loving travel and recreation.

Eco-tourism is consecrated for preserving and sustaining the diversity of the world's natural and cultural environments.

Responsibility of both travellers and service providers is the genuine meaning for eco-tourism. Eco-tourism also endeavors to encourage and support the diversity of local economies for which the tourismrelated income is important.Pilgrimage: Spiritual Journey or Sacred Destination?

Since antiquity, mankind has felt the call to journey afar in search of meaning. From those of the Abrahamic religions to Zoroastrians, as well as many who subscribe to no particular belief set, a time comes to cross their threshold on what they consider a Pilgrimage of Grace Essay When Martin Luther posted the 95 theses in , he had changed the entire path of European politics and religion.

He sparked a thought in the region that in many cases, converted people’s basic Christian beliefs. At the time, the Roman Catholic Church was .

India is a land of enormous cultural variegation ; doing it ideal for domestic touristry. Indian civilization has ever emphasised on respecting and entertaining their invitees really India also has several places related to the Sufi sect of Islam, making it a unique land that is home to the philosophy of love and harmony.

Religious tourism in India Here are some of the Religious tourist places in india which are rich in cultural, historical and religious India is a land of holy cities. Most of the important places of pilgrimage in India are located along the banks of the great rivers like the Ganga, Brahmputra, Godavari and Kaveri.

India tour is aimed at offering you the best of India. Whether it is the sandy desert of Rajasthan, the tranquil and serene backwaters of Kerala or the mesmerising beauty of the Taj Mahal Dhoti Dhoti kurta is the traditional Indian clothing of

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