Leadership comparison between sir richard branson and bill gates

Getty Images Each person's path to success may be unique, but there are many commonalities among the world's most successful people.

Leadership comparison between sir richard branson and bill gates

Leadership comparison between sir richard branson and bill gates

Subsequently, historical contribution from great academics such as KotterAdair and Yukl, build the notions for complementary discussion on leadership and management. Based on their studies, during execution of activities similarities of both the leadership and management are: Conceptualizing what needs to be done Aligning people and resources Creating succes Deference between leadership and management Expending on differences on managers and leaders Kotter and Bennies have highlighted different behaviors of managers and leaders.

Adding to the argument Young and Dulewicz believe that the main differences between leadership and Management are that, management is a function which is involved in planning, budgeting, evaluation and facilitation.

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On the other hand, leadership is a relationship which is active in selection talent, motivating, coaching and building trust Toor, Sir Richard Branson Richard Branson is one the leaders that inspire me especially his entrepreneurial skill and success stories are motivating.

Heading the Virgin group consisted of companies he is known for his brilliant attitude towards his followers by giving attention to their concerns about the company. He has the quality of putting forward a clear vision and creates a clear mission which is engaging to members of his Virgin community.

Theories of leadership and management styles X or Y management styles? Douglas McGregorpresented famous theory of X and Y in which he categorized management into two styles based on human nature Theory X was built on assumption that people have characteristic of disliking work and managers should give directions and have control over them to insure the work is done.

This approach of management leads to mangers adopting paternalistic style of management also known as autocratic management Ashley, If suggested mechanism linked to performance one could argue that in current era this method would lead to low motivation and lessening performance Arkin, However, it might be the best option in some situation as it is based on factors such as organizational culture, working environment and personality etc.

Theory Y assumes that people get sense of satisfaction since the work is considered as part of their life. Thus, manager can achieve high productivity by giving workers recognition and respect.

In light this theory, management style could be more participative and consultative Mullin. Once again, the question arises that, is it possible to adopt such a style in situations where manager needs to take firm and sometimes brutal decisions, also will it increase the pressure on manager if there is the risk of increasing expectations of recognitions and consultation Meachin, Leadership types As its not practically possible to cover all the theories of leadership in this blog but the most significant once are deliberated.

Based on their situational leadership theory leader should be prepared to adopt their style to suit the situation. Action-centered leadership John Adair famous action-centered leadership approach is applied by leaders and manager globally specially in the UK.

The Bureaucratic leadership style in this model earns leadership through systematic control, normative rules and strict punishment Mullin. Transformational leadership Transformational leadership style was initially introduced by James V Downton in However, they man behind making this approach renowned was James MacGregor This style contains engagement of followers by leadership thus its often supposed that transformational leaders have charismatic personality Mullin.

The leader will mainly emphasis on development needs of followers. The four characteristics of leader in this style are inspirational, intellectual, influencer and individual consideration. Conclusion While conducting research for this blog numerous approaches emerged covering differences and similarities of the leadership and manager and leadership and management styles.

In conclusion, agreeing with the CMI it was clear that there is no ideal or standard leadership style or management method which can be applicable unanimously. It will enhance the ability to establish strong personal relationship with team members and enable them to have confidence on your vision.

Also, the most important stage is where manager should train more people and encourage them to coach their team mates. By doing so, a manager will develop a sustainable channel for growth in organization.Two of the world’s best known entrepreneurs are Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft, and Sir Richard Branson, founder and CEO of the Virgin Group.

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Leadership comparison between sir richard branson and bill gates

Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Sir Richard Branson, for instance, attributes much of his success to two mentors in his life: Sir Freddie Laker, who mentored Branson while he was establishing Virgin Atlantic; and Branson’s own.

The Flower Swift Militia Company Of Montgomery Co., Virginia Reconstruction of a vanished community in today's Carroll and Grayson Counties. Sir Richard Branson (). “Screw Business as Usual”, p, Random House I have had a lot of fun pushing the boundaries on my balloon and kitesurf adventures, breaking some world records in the process, and I think this attitude of having fun whilst working hard is one that lends itself very well to successful entrepreneurship.

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