Megan felling freelance writing and marketing

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Megan felling freelance writing and marketing

megan felling freelance writing and marketing

No matter how many advice columns and guides to freelancing you read, some lessons can only be learned in the trenches. Scattered, inconsistent presentation Every foothold you have on social media must be consistent. How confusing would it be if you liked a brand and decided to find out more about it online, only to discover all of its profiles were different?

A lot of freelancers treat their personal brands in this haphazard way, rather than making every platform work together to attract clients. Making the message on all your profiles match eliminates confusion and helps you turn inquires into solid leads. If your online persona is so fragmented that every account looks like a different person, remedy this by choosing the same professional profile picture and pithy bio for every site.

Narrow your social presence to just a few sites, like your personal website or blog, LinkedIn and Twitter. Lastly, choose a brand voice and stick with it. Kristi Hines known on Twitter as kikolanihas this down pat with her professional presentation and focus on content marketing.

Sports writer Nick McCarvel NickMcCarvel is another good example of consistency; he injects some personal observations and colloquialisms into his Twitter commentary while keeping it businesslike in his commentary articles. Random posts and self-promotions Posting and sharing without any sort of master plan lessens your chance of attracting good work.

For a more tactical approach to social media, start by figuring out when your followers are most active online, and how wide your reach already is.

Free monitoring tools can help with this part. The frequency with which you post will depend mainly on how often you feel you can say something substantial and relevant. Once you have a basic posting schedule arranged for maximum engagement and an understanding of the tactics of each platformyou should decide exactly what your take on the market should be.

Will you position yourself as an expert, here to inform? A learner, posting about your journey as you gain familiarity with the industry?

A skeptic, scrutinizing everything you see and sharing how it could have been better? Whatever angle you choose, keep it in mind when selecting your brand voice.

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The only thing worse than tacky self-promotion is no self-promotion. Some of their suggestions include promoting yourself offline through strategic relationships and impressive print pieces, and being specific about what you bring to your market niche. Irregular networking Networking is tough.

But these few tricks can make networking easier: First of all, be bold. Take time to explain what exactly you do, and they may just know someone who needs your help. Chamber of Commerce and similar memberships can offer valuable local connections.

Seek out advice from former connections to show that you still value your relationships with them. When networking, the number of inquiries you get will be directly related to the effort you put into making people see you. As a freelancer, though, you are the company, and your salary is directly tied to how well you outdistance your competitors.Wesley shows how far he is willing to go for love.

If you’re curious about freelance writing as a career, or are looking for some advice on how to improve your freelancing business, this is the series for you. Today, we’ll meet freelance writer Megan Jerrard from the travel blog “Mapping Megan”.

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I get both. Here are some examples. Kissmetrics WordStream Brad Smith Proudly powered by WordPress. View Megan Sullivan’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Megan has 16 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Megan’s Title: Freelance Writer and Full-Time . Devlin travels to the kingdom rim in search of the key to his past to unlock his future.

Hello freelance website. My name is derail Howery from Chicago IL, I love to draw. I like to draw sequential art, Illustration, story boards, children illustration and conceptual art design.

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