Post conviction dna testing essay help

From its first uses in the s, in cases of serious crime, to the now daily collection, analysis and comparison of genetic samples in the National DNA Database, DNA profiling has become a standard instrument of policing and a powerful evidential resource for prosecutors.

Post conviction dna testing essay help

Past Donors Post-Conviction DNA Testing Despite the widespread acceptance of DNA testing as a powerful and reliable form of forensic evidence that can conclusively reveal guilt or innocence, many prisoners do not have the legal means to secure testing on evidence in their case.

Barriers to the truth Forty-nine states have some form of law permitting inmates access to DNA testing. The other three states have no law granting such access.

Oklahoma has no law granting such access. Even in many of the states that grant access to DNA testing, the laws are limited in scope and substance. Motions for testing are often denied, even when a DNA test would undoubtedly confirm guilt or prove innocence and an inmate offers to pay for testing.

Federal incentives for granting access to DNA testing Federal law, the Justice For All Act, grants access to DNA testing for federal inmates claiming innocence and also allocates various justice-related funding to any state that grants DNA testing access to inmates claiming innocence.

To meet the requirements of the federal law, states should pass or strengthen laws granting access to DNA testing. Clear and comprehensive laws can ensure justice Some states have passed statutes that include barriers to testing that are insurmountable for most prisoners.

These include restrictions against inmates who pled guilty or whose lawyers failed to request DNA testing at trial. In many cases, the questionable evidence used to convict a defendant at trial — like eyewitness identification or snitch testimony — is used by judges as grounds to deny a DNA test.

These barriers keep innocent people from securing DNA tests that could prove their innocence. An effective post-conviction DNA access statute must: Content used by permission.Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest are being kept “sticky” until tonight.

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post conviction dna testing essay help

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