Pro choice to kill the unborn movement wrongly use the word abortion

He then posed me the following thought experiment: One day he gets into an accident and goes into a coma. He looses his memories, his sense of self, his ability to speak or walk; he becomes a clean slate.

Pro choice to kill the unborn movement wrongly use the word abortion

Because it is wrong to kill the child for the crime of the father, there are other terrible consequences, including that abortion for rape and incest emboldens those criminals and increases such crimes against women.

Abortion for incest is cruel, as for example, Planned Parenthood clinics systematically refuse to comply with mandatory reporting of child rape. Abortionists then cover up the crime of incest. Often, they actually send the victim back home to her rapist.

And even worse, they often send her home with her rapist, the same criminal who brought her to the clinic to dispose of the "evidence" and help him get away with his crime.

Do not "do evil that good may come. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son… the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.

This principle as recorded by the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel explains that a good man would love and protect the baby, but instead many lawyers and others will treat the rapist with respect and protect him, but kill the baby.

Wrath of angels : the American abortion war

The Mosaic Law in the Bible treats each person as an individual. For example the Code of Hammurabi had a law regarding when a man assaulted a pregnant woman. Now drink no wine or similar drink… for the child shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb…" —Judges The Bible also indicates that Mary had a normal gestation period while carrying Jesus.

Many centuries before the Incarnation, the most famous twins in the history of the world, Jacob and Esau, fraternal twins, are called "children" in the Scriptures while they are in the womb. Also, fetal thirst helps regulate the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb. See also below, Biblical Fetology.

Crime of Killing the Innocent: Abortionists refer to the unborn children they kill as tissue and tumors, and many "conservative" politicians refer to the babies they support killing as "exceptions.

God looks at the exceptions. He calls them children, who are made in His image and likeness. Because abortion is a public venture, except for those individually forgiven by God through faith in Jesus Christ, there is a corporate guilt for the shedding of innocent blood, with the curse pronounced by God in Deuteronomy undoubtedly applying to the abortionist, who gets money to kill the innocent, as well as to "pro-choice" judges and politicians who serve the child-killing industry.

Crime of Killing the Unborn is Murder: But if any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.So pro-abortion advocates had to come up with some other reason to kill unborn babies that wasn’t based on science.

They made arbitrary (and frequently changing) definitions of personhood in order to advance their abortion agenda. May 12,  · For those who are pro-abortion, this matter of choice is posing profound ethical challenges. For the intellectually honest, the growing use of prenatal testing and the availability of abortion push civilization to conclude that we are really talking about a form of eugenics.

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Aug 22,  · When the pro-choice community frames abortion as a difficult decision, it implies that women need help deciding, which opens the door to paternalistic and demeaning “informed consent” laws But there’s a more pernicious result when pro-choice advocates use such language: It is a tacit acknowledgment that terminating a pregnancy is a moral issue requiring an ethical Wesley J.

Smith. Feb 07,  · So we thank the pro-lifers who refused to vote for a known pro-abortion candidate even though they were being lied to by the 'old guard pro-lifers.'" "No longer will National RTL be able to give fraudulent '% pro-life' ratings to Republican pro-choice candidates without being exposed nationally," said Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado.

Pro-choice movement synonyms, Pro-choice movement pronunciation, Pro-choice movement translation, English dictionary definition of Pro-choice movement. adj. Favoring legalized abortion as an option for an unwanted pregnancy.

Pro choice to kill the unborn movement wrongly use the word abortion

pro-choic′er n. adj supporting the right of a woman to have an abortion.

Pro choice to kill the unborn movement wrongly use the word abortion

This quote from Wattleton, once one of the most prominent pro-choice activists in the country, shows that the pro-choice movement as a whole is well aware of what abortion really does, as well as increasingly unafraid to say it.

Chapters from Making Abortion Rare: A Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation