Research proposal on press freedom

More than four-in-ten say that liberals who are not religious have too much control over the Democratic Party, while an almost identical percentage says that religious conservatives have too much influence over the Republican Party. The public also has distinctly different perceptions of both parties when it comes to dealing with religion and personal freedoms.

Research proposal on press freedom

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: The country experienced a terrible civil war during the s and the early s; endured death squads that killed human rights advocates; felt population pressures; and survived earthquakes, hurricane Mitch, and the denigration of the natural environment.

El Salvador has several political parties: The Inter-American Development Bank spent millions of dollars in projects relating to health issues from the earthquakes, supported social peace, citizen security, and peaceful coexistence of political parties in El Salvador, and attempted to get at the root of these problems in dealing with massive poverty, homelessness, vagrant youths, and serious health issues.

President Francisco Flores, unable to stop the terrorist kidnappings even in the midst of the national emergency of the earthquakes, was successful Research proposal on press freedom gaining more freedom to criticize the government and sought both emergency and long-term planning initiatives in an attempt to establish social and economic stability.

In the late s their publishers allowed unheard of freedom of speech to the El Salvadorean reporters whose investigative journalism both stretched the traditional freedom of reporting and sold newspapers. Conservative media owners lamented the fading of the absolute dominance of the right-wing ARENA which won almost all elections from the end of the civil war until the beginning of the millennium and held on to the presidency in the last election only through a coincidence of events and candidates.

Economic Framework The working conditions of reporters improved in the late s, although salaries continued to be so low that journalists were vulnerable to bribery. Even among information workers, new technologies were not always available.

However, even in El Salvador was a land of extremes. Luxury juxtaposed uncollected garbage, and black water filled the streets of the towns of El Salvador. Press Laws Article of the Constitution prohibited the national police from allowing detained people to talk to journalists because "it affects their good names and violates their right to due process.

However, the judge may order a partial or total press blackout when he deems, for valid reasons, that it is in the interest of good morals, public interest or national security, or is authorized in some specific rule. Article stated that "Hearings will be public, but the court may, on its own authority, order or at the request of one of the parties that said hearings be closed when required for reasons of good morals, public interest, national security or it is authorized by some specific rule.

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Unfortunately, although the legislature had a law that built the legal framework for democratic freedom of speech and of the press in telecommunications, major sections were excluded from the bill which actually was passed. Even the newspaper, Diario de Hoyan old mouthpiece for the conservative party, admitted that the new law hurt progress towards freedom of expression and suggested that this would make the radio the only place where journalists might be free to tell the truth.

This form of the telecommunications law was presented to the legislature by the Commission for Economy and Agriculture. Through a simple majority, largely of ARENA deputies, the law passed, although the representatives of the opposition parties protested and left the Assembly.

These organizations had written proposals in hopes that they might be incorporated into the law and then lobbied for those proposals and their basic regulations and guarantees that the public, as well as the private, sector would be represented.

Research proposal on press freedom

In reaction to the news stories, the executive committee of the Legislative Assembly for a time restricted public access to any information concerning its administration and budgetary records.

Since there was no member of the FMLN on the executive committee, the press coverage of the scandal could suggest that the young investigative reporters on these two periodicals were no longer afraid to report such news and the publishers were willing to sell newspapers on the basis of such reports and to back their investigative reporters.

While legislation brought forth by the Association de Periodistas de El Salvador to protect press sources languished in committee, never passing in the legislative assembly, at least the Asociacion de Periodistas de El Salvador continued to thrive.

Contraportada, unable to secure any significant funding, all but ceased to exist. El Salvadorans had limited public access to their own government documents. Article 3 had it relating to other government organizations through the Ministry of Economics.

Section 5 dealt with registering telecommunications stations, a big issue in El Salvador. Censorship For many years, journalists were controlled either by the dictates of conservative publishers or by fear of the retribution of El Salvadoran security forces. Papers in El Salvador don't have to be censored: While once the military and government were above printed criticism unless they had fallen into government disfavor and might be sacrificed to the press in the name of spin, in the s investigative journalism did occasionally peek out from among the many pages devoted to reporting sports scores, advertising smart clothes, parading new brides, and making social announcements.

The El Salvadoran Constitution, Article 6, granted freedom of speech, expression, and information that would not "subvert the public order, nor injure the morals, honor, or private life of others. However, afterwith the installation of a democratic system of elected officials and, at last, a decline in kidnappings and violent political retaliation and politically motivated killings, fear of reporting the news in either the press or in the broadcast media began to lessen.

The Constitution confirmed the rights written down in the version.

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Nonetheless, conservative repression, as well as the violence of the opposing left-wing terrorists groups against the press in the early s, made for a kind of self-censorship. Broadcasting licenses were and continued to be sought and renewed on a regular basis.

This requirement, so harmless elsewhere, functioned as a kind of censorship for radio and TV stations as there was no guarantee of the renewal of licenses.

Most of the owners of the larger broadcasting stations, periodicals, and magazines were conservative so the owners of these information sources became de facto censors and tended to move their periodicals into a conservative camp.

Fear of the ubiquitous violence in El Salvador during the s and s, however, caused both extreme right and left wing groups to censor themselves. Despite the need to gain broadcast licenses, owners of broadcast media tolerated greater freedom of speech than did the newspapers, where the editorial policies reflected the opinions of the editors and publishers and therefore often deviated from the realities of the events discussed.

Political parties, businesses, unions, individuals, and even government agencies, might express their opinions through the campos pagados paid political advertisements accepted by most newspapers as advertisements.Sep 08,  · Paper Proposal I am proposing a research paper on the conflict between the constitutional rights inherent in the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of the press vs.

the Sixth Amendment’s fair-trial guarantee. NEW PROJECTS SUBMITTED TO THE IPDC IPDC BUREAU ASSOCIATIONS TO PROMOTE PRESS FREEDOM IN THE Outcome of the workshop will include a research proposal for approval by UNESCO, a work plan, list membership of the research teams, potential list of stakeholders to be interviewed, among other issues.

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