Successful orientation programs

Nurse residency program empowers new grads Taylor Keasler In recent years, nurse leaders and educators have endeavored to discover the most efficient and successful orientation programs for new graduate nurses.

Successful orientation programs

Here are but a few of the many benefits that both the new employees and the employer will receive. By Other Author July 14, The Purpose of New Employee Orientation Programs A good new employee orientation program delivers multiple benefits to your company, some of which are often overlooked.

This often reduces start-up, training, and other indirect costs associated with having new employees who are unfamiliar with the company. Conserves manager, supervisor, and peer time.

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Answering the most common questions posed by new employees saves everyone else the time in answering, explaining, and clarifying issues.

Everyone, even new CEOs, experiences some level of anxiety and stress when starting a new job at a new workplace. Efficient new employee orientation programs have been proven to significantly reduce this stress and bring it down to a manageable level.

Successful orientation programs

Helps establish a positive, can-do attitude at the beginning of a new employment situation. This typically establishes a positive employee attitude toward the new situation and future possibilities of success. Usually, there are two distinct components to a successful new employee orientation program.

One part is typically devoted to a general orientation, which discusses the overall policies and procedures that apply to all areas of the company.

These often include matters of personnel, compensation, benefits, employee rights, unions if applicableand the employees' general responsibilities. The second component addresses job-specific issues that relate directly to new employee responsibilities, company expectations, and policies and procedures.

This component serves to help employees perform, work through issues, and understand how their new team operates. To reduce employee turnover and help your new staff members adopt a great attitude, consider these tips to implement a successful new employee orientation program.

Tips to Have a Successful New Employee Orientation Program Regardless of their experience level and placement in the organization chart, new employees need information, a sincere welcome, an understanding of expectations, and a useful introduction to the policies and procedures that involve their tenure.

Consider some of these specific action plans to help ensure a successful orientation program. Beyond simple introductions, allow the new employee to spend some quality time with staff, particularly with those members who will work closely with your new person.

Start the program with the most important issues. Everyone is more alert at the beginning of the day or program. This gives you time — even extra time if you need it — to fully cover the important issues and considerations. Space out your program to keep it interesting and digestible.

Having an experienced employee serve as an orientation mentor for the new staff member accomplishes a number of positive goals. A word of caution: Emphasize the general as well as the specific. Using these tips helps create a successful new employee orientation program by infusing a sense of belonging as well as dispensing critical information to help ensure a high-performing tenure.

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Employee Orientation Program Guidelines For Effective New Employee Orientation Employee orientation, as an integral part of Government's human resource development strategy, provides employees with the information necessary to begin or continue a successful career in the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Service.

New Graduate Nurse Orientation Program "Bridging the Gap" Designed for the newly graduated nurse to facilitate the integration of skills and knowledge Congratulations! As a newly graduated nurse, you will possess the most up-to-date knowledge on nursing practice and theories.

Freshmen orientation programs are on the rise in today’s modern academia. The goal is often to provide a sense of belonging to new students, thereby encouraging them to continue at the institution for the rest of their college career.


Additionally, identifying appropriate advising personnel to participate in orientation programs is key to a successful orientation experience. Options for involvement may include professional, faculty, graduate student, and peer advisors, along with various advising support staff.

Regardless of the tools and metrics involved in measuring the success of new hire orientation programs, it is important that both qualitative and quantitative data should corroborate. An onboarding manager should deduce similar conclusions from both sets of data gathered and then in lies the success of new hire orientation programs.

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