Thesis custom background

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Thesis custom background

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Thesis custom background

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Learn how to use Thesis Custom CSS with this tutorial. For changing background in custom theme there is no option in design option. Using the custom css easily you can change the back ground. How to Add Custom Backgrounds In the following tutorial, you’re going to learn about the code that makes this happen, and you’ll even be able to download a background “starter kit” that you [ ].

Thesis custom background

May 27,  · The ONLY change that I made was to add the following to my thesis custom styling to change the background color of the multimedia #custom_box { background: #ede8ca; } I tried removing the line, but it didn’t make a difference.

pay to do homework for me Thesis Custom Background Image narrative writing essay help college application writing service. Jun 11,  · /custom_images — a folder containing 5 custom images used by the code in Although the /custom_images folder is optional and is not required to change your background, it does contain images that are required by 5 of the 6 styles included in the starter kit.

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