To set our house in order

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To set our house in order

The story is set in the depression in the fictional town of Manawaka, Manitoba, based on Neepawa where Laurence was born.

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The character Vanessa, the young protagonist, is likewise based on Margaret as a child. The first person narrative is that of an adult looking back through the eyes of a young girl, aged ten, in this story.

This dual perspective sets the tone and allows the reader to experience the narrative through the simplified view of a child and the more forgiving eyes of an adult looking back with knowledge and compassion garnered through time.

Although they are separated by time as the oldest and youngest in the household they are similar in that because of their respective ages neither wants anything to change. Vanessa herself appears selfish as well, only thinking of herself, and who will feed her, as her mother is about to leave for the hospital.

But like her grandmother it is a reaction born out of fear of the unknown and possible loss. Both seek refuge away from others in similar ways. Her bedroom is filled with relics of her once well appointed past.

It is through the adults situated between these two characters in terms of age that truths are revealed about why people behave as they do.

Ewen, his wife and Aunt Edna make compromises and understand why, and through them we learn along with Vanessa why things are the way they are. Everyone has a past that forces them to make compromises and concessions in their present lives.

Even Ewen, who is set up as a hero figure by Vanessa, is revealed to have accidentally caused his brother to lose an eye and this may have led him to die in the war. The guilt he feels over this leads him to appease his mother in many ways.

To set our house in order

Vanessa becomes a conduit for information that she cannot fully comprehend but the reader can. Like a fly on the wall she is privy to family secrets and secretly held opinions. In the final paragraphs, the microcosm of the little bug world Vanessa is engrossed in as she thinks of the vagaries of fate is symbolic of the omniscient view of the author looking back on the past.

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Laurence shows the progress that Vanessa has made, though confused by much, her world is expanding. Seemingly trapped by her family history the economic circumstances of the times and her youth she does have wings and she does indeed fly away on them. The idea of order frames the story.

It means different things to different people. It is in the title as a paraphrase of a bible verse. It is uttered by Grandma Macleod: This is a reference to her domination of the household through her control of Ewen.

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And it is the final word in the story.set one's house in order Fig. to make certain that one's affairs are in proper legal order.

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To Set Our House In Order  The Symbolic and Ironic Use of Titles in A Bird in the House By Sarah D’Angelo For Professor John Vardon English R Wednesday October 2nd, A Bird in the House written by Margaret Laurence is a book of short stories filled with symbolism and irony that strongly supports the central ideas of the characters.

In coming to grips with previously well-concealed information about the death of her uncle in World War I, and the emotional upheaval it continues to cause her family, a young girl begins to question the benevolence of God and the order in God's timberdesignmag.comor: Anne Wheeler.

Our Philippine house building project. What we learned about plumbing in the Philippines when we built our modest dream home on Panay Island. Maintain Order at Their Expense There are a vast number of different cultures in our world, but one thing stays the same among them all: each culture defines a certain set of rules, or “norms.” Society shapes the way people who belong to a particular group or area live and interact.

Set One's Own House In Order | Definition of Set One's Own House In Order by Merriam-Webster