Transportation management system essay

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Transportation management system essay

Transportation Management System TMS In partnering with Cerasis, shippers gain access to a web-based Transportation Management System TMSthe Cerasis Rater, Transportation management system essay modules for e-commerce management, enterprise parcel shipping, reverse logistics, and a vendor portal for inbound routing.

Put an end to shipping problems misery. Schedule a free consultation to get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before. Now I can log onto one site and see all the freight rates at once instead of having to visit numerous sites. Another advantage is that I immediately know the freight cost, so I can bill my clients right away without waiting two weeks for an invoice to arrive.

Diane MitchellBusiness Development, Roura Iron Works We have been delighted with the improved economics and the high level of service we receive from Cerasis. The online freight quotes and the clear, comprehensive billing system are especially useful and have cut our freight costs substantially.

This allows us to invoice our customers quickly and accurately. Cerasis has delivered more than promised — few experiences in business can claim that.

Their customized web tools have not only resulted in cost savings but they have also substantially cut the amount of work we have Transportation management system essay do internally.

It almost immediately cut our customers service calls in half because our customers were automatically sent an email, letting them know when the freight shipped, what was on the truck, and when it was scheduled to arrive. Besides reducing overall freight costs, working with Cerasis has delivered other benefits.

Transportation management system essay

Now we only get one freight bill, and the Cerasis system handles full accounting, invoice auditing and negotiation with freight companies. The web tools are great, and that mean a lot less administration for us. They connected their system to ours, offering a seamless solution for our distribution centers and stores, which has resulted in managing overall costs.


In addition, Cerasis continues to be innovative and stay abreast of all the latest lading and DOT requirements. Cerasis came to us and discussed our challenges working with us to get a TMS and solutions implemented in a way that fit our need with great support all the way through implementation.

We love partnering with Cerasis as Arrow Magnolia now has a partner who has great expertise and a quick response rate to any issues that might arise in shipping. Cerasis showed us their TMS and easy to use tools, offering better negotiated rates with a deep carrier database, and an expert approach to resolving freight claims on our behalf.

We noticed a big difference in our partnership with Cerasis as we had a simpler to use system to manage transportation, more efficient billing processes, and fantastic customer support when it came to reporting.

Woodie KingCEO, B-Glowing Scotch Plaid was having issues effectively invoicing and adding freight to invoices as well as constraints on visibility into shipments going to customers and coming inbound yielding a desire to find a system that allowed us to source carriers in one-website as our employees were spending too much time going to many websites and making several calls just to get carrier quotes for our shipments.

Cerasis came to us to truly understands our shipping problems and offered tools to solve these problems in addition to great reporting in order to continually improve our management of transportation. Scotch Plaid employees have time to work on other projects assigned, visibility to carriers, transit information, reporting making it easy to monitor our trends and forecast our transportation.

David BrigancePlant Manager, Scotch Plaid The VMC Group was struggling with increasing shipping costs and overall management of our transportation processes resulting in lackluster customer service, later shipments, and excessive costs.

We were delightfully surprised with Their efficiency, accuracy of paper work, and customer service. We have formed a relationship with our Cerasis contacts.

They are always so helpful and communicative. We trusted Cerasis to solve our shipping problems because they offered a system to create online bills-of-lading, resulting in decreased keying errors, the system supported building out contact database, and now we have all of our invoices consolidated down to just one per week making general accounting more efficient around transportation costs.

We were able to turn our shipping department into an asset by the time and money saved using Cerasis technology. It was very important for Lockwood to verify our rates with our service provider and we received several quotes from various 3PLs allowing us to clearly see we were paying too much for our transportation.

Cerasis stood out as they not only provided better rates, but demonstrated they would offer the same groups of carriers, provide us with the carrier rates and would allow us to pick the carrier of our choosing.Transportation System TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: A SOLUTION TO TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT IN THE ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE CONCIOUSNESS timberdesignmag.comA,JAYAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the application of computer and communications technologies to transport problems.

From the September Logistics Management Magazine Transportation Best Practices and Trends: Frios’ cool solution for a hot seller Gourmet ice pop maker adopts collaborative cold chain solution to keep profits from melting away due to costly logistics challenges—and takes home a .

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