Tutorial error identification

Generating an Xcode project is very similar to generating any other project: Xcode -- Check for working C compiler using: Xcode -- Check for working CXX compiler using:

Tutorial error identification

Play media This screencast walks through the citation wizard of RefToolbar refToolbarwhich appears above the edit box in browsers that support JavaScript, can be used to easily add properly formatted citations.

Also, refToolbar has the ability to automatically fill in bibliographic data for many published books and academic journal articles, which can reduce error-prone and tedious cut-and-paste or retyping of such information. If your browser does not support JavaScript or it is disabled, refToolbar will not work see Template: Cite for what to type in manually.

Click on the play button on the image to the right to view a video tutorial on how to use refToolbar. Position the editing cursor in the text where you want the numbered link to your citation to appear.

This should be at the end of the relevant phrase, sentence, or paragraph that the citation is verifying after any punctuation, see MOS: Once you select a type of citation, a new window will appear with a number of blank fields to fill in.

Fill in as many of the fields as you can. You may leave some fields blank, but make sure to at least provide a "Title". For more information, see Wikipedia: Once the toolbar has appeared, click where you wish to insert the reference.

Clicking the button will open up a dialog box that allows you to enter the details of your reference.

Tutorial error identification

There are two simple ways to create a new reference: Fully automatic by just inserting a web URL or manually by filling in a template where you add each piece of information separately.

The automatic option is the easiest. Wikipedia can often auto-format a reference citation if you just insert the website URL and click "Generate". Take a look at the citation that it then creates. To accept it, click "Insert".

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You can then modify the details, if VE has got something wrong, such as the publication date, by clicking "Edit". To enter the information about a reference manually, click the "Manual" tab of the dialog box.

Then you select which type of reference you want to add and fill in as many of the fields "parameters" as possible Note: Sometimes the reference you want to add doesn't fall into any of these categories for example, perhaps you want to cite a speech. In this case, you can enter the information fully manually using the "Basic form".

These types of references are currently easier using Wiki markup citations.This is a tutorial how to use Git and Gerrit for MediaWiki development.

It includes explanations. For a very short how-to guide, see Gerrit/Tutorial/tl;dr instead..

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