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Their films received acclaim for their focus on intimately complex human journeys and interactions. How did you become interested in documentary filmmaking, and how did you two begin working together in this medium? When I was at Dartmouth, English and history were my focus, and I had a chance to take a documentary production course from a wonderful professor named Maury Rapf.

Writing about film dartmouth

writing about film dartmouth

History[ edit ] Inthe Domesday Book lists Dunestal as the only settlement in the area which now makes up the parish of Dartmouth. It was held by Walter of Douai. It paid tax on half a hide, and had two plough teams, two slaves, five villagers and four smallholders.

There were six cattle, 40 sheep and 15 goats. At this time Townstal as the name became was apparently a purely agricultural settlement, centred around the church. The port was used as the sailing point for the Crusades of andand Warfleet Creekclose to Dartmouth Castle is supposed by some to be named for the vast fleets which assembled there.

The narrow mouth of the Dart is protected by two fortified castles, Dartmouth Castle and Kingswear Castle. Originally Dartmouth's only wharf was Bayard's Cove, a relatively small area protected by a fort at the southern end of the town.

In Geoffrey Chaucer visited and among the pilgrims in his Canterbury Tales A schipman was ther, wonyng fer by weste; For ought I wost, he was of Dertemouthe. Notwithstanding Dartmouth's connections with the crown and respectable society, it was a major base for privateering in medieval times.

John Hawley or Hauley, [7] a licensed privateer and sometime mayor of Dartmouth [8] is reputed to be a model for Chaucer's "schipman". The earliest street in Dartmouth to be recorded by name in the 13th century is Smith Street.

Several of the houses on the street are originally late 16th century or early 17th century and probably rebuilt on the site of earlier medieval dwellings.

writing about film dartmouth

The street name undoubtedly derives from the smiths and shipwrights who built and repaired ships here when the tidal waters reached as far as this point. Smith Street was also the site of the town pillory in medieval times. The first church in the parish was St Clement's, Townstal, which may have existed in some form before the s.

It was granted by the FitzStephens to Torre Abbey in aboutthe Abbey having been founded inand the present stone-built church was probably started shortly after this.

Names of occupations also started to appear, including taverner, tailor, coggar, korker, goldsmith, glover, skinner and baker. The flow of water out of the pool through the Mill Gullet powered a tidal mill. The dam was used as an unofficial footpath linking Clifton, to the south, with Hardness, to the north.

Before this it was necessary to go westwards to the head of the creek at Ford to travel between the two settlements.

The lord of the manor was given the rights to hold a weekly market and an annual fair in Ina legal case proved that the Lord of Totnes had the right to charge tolls on ships using the river, and this right was bought by Nicholas of Tewkesbury inwho conveyed the town, river and port to the king inso making Dartmouth a Royal Borough.

The king gave the river to the Duchy of Cornwall inwho still own the "fundus" or bed of the river. Inthe town was granted a Royal Charter, which allowed for the election of a mayor. The borough was required to provide two ships for forty days per year.

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Afterno more is heard of lordship rights, and the borough became effectively independent of any lord. Medieval church door of St Saviour's St Saviour's Church was constructed in and consecrated in It contains a pre-Reformation oak rood screen built in and several monuments including the tomb of John Hawley d.

A large medieval ironwork door is decorated with two leopards of the Plantagenets and is possibly the original portal. Although it is dated "", this is thought to be the date of a subsequent refurbishment coincidental with major renovations of the church in the 17th century.

An engraving of the interior of the church and showing the screen provided the inspiration for Letitia Elizabeth Landon 's poetical illustration Dartmouth Church in Fisher's Drawing Room scrap Book, Wikisource has original text related to this article: In mediaeval times, land access from the Totnes direction passed the manor at Norton and the parish church at Townstal before falling steeply along what are now Church Road, Mount Boone and Ridge Hill to the river at Hardness.

These were all too steep for vehicles, so the only land access was by packhorse. In there is the first mention of the building of the "New Ground". A previously existing sandbank was built up using ships' ballast, and a quay wall was built around it to provide more mooring space.

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The area proved too unstable to be built on, and is now the Royal Avenue Gardens.Film Review Genre The film review is a popular way for critics to assess a film’s overall quality and determine whether or not they think the film is worth recommending.

The arts also abound on Dartmouth’s campus, and students passionate about music, theater, film, dance and visual arts can find a thriving scene at the Hopkins Center for the Arts and the newly renovated Hood Museum.

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It’s precisely our familiarity with film, however, that presents our greatest writing challenge. Film is so familiar and so prevalent in our lives that we are often lulled into passive viewing (at worst) or simple entertainment (at best).

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